This certificate is used for equipment which is installed in hazardous explosive atmospheres. According to rules of European Union, equipment related to explosive atmosphere should meet the requirements of ATEX directive. In addition to European Union, in other countries like northern America, this certificate is common too. This directive is usually used for electrical and mechanical equipment which are used in potential explosive atmosphere and are potentially able to produce an explosion. ATEX directive is an integration of some technical and quality rules and requirements related to equipment used in explosive atmosphere and every manufacturer who is producing this kind of equipment should execute these requirements on the product. ATEX certificate is used for different industries like Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, mines, car manufacturing and industrial atmospheres such as paper and flour producing industries etc. Observing of these requirements in Oil, Gas and petrochemical industries are very important due to their high effects on other industries and the safety of users and subscribers.

EPIL’s ATEX laboratory was exploited in 2012 with world advanced technologies and according to capabilities of EPIL’s experts, moreover the laboratory was audited by IMQ as a famous and valid Italian NB in field of ATEX and was certified as technical laboratory.

EPIL has the experience of performing EX tests on multiple products comprising the following:

- Transformers

- Industrial Relays

- Luminaries

- Junction Boxes

- Glands

- ...

Our lab covers the following protection codes:

- Exd (EN 60079-1)

- Exe (EN 60079-7)

- Exi (EN 60079-11)

- ...