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• Up to 3 billion Rials loan per year "for the cost of taking tests in EPIL" with no interest
• Up to 2 billion Rials loan "for the cost of obtaining CE/ATEX/SIL/CoC export certificates through EPIL" with no interest
Accredited Laboratory with national and international ISO/IEC 17025 certification (traceable Trough ILAC)
International ISO IEC 17065 certified product certification body (traceable from IAF)

About the EPIL

The knowledge-based company of Energy Industries Laboratories (EPIL) was established in 1379 with the participation of Amir Kabir, Tehran, Science and Technology, Shahid Beheshti Universities and reputable industrial companies with the aim of establishing a reliable test, inspection and certification center with international traceability.
As an accredited laboratory, it has a national ISO/ IEC 17025 certificate from NACI (Iran’s national accreditation center) and an international certificate from ANALITICA (traceable from ILAC) and as a certification body it has an international ISO/ IEC 17065 certificate from NABCB (traceable from IAF) and is approved by the National Oil Company, National Gas Company, National Standard Organization, Tavanir Company, Radio Regulatory Organization, Vice presidency for science, Technology and knowledge based Economy   , Food and Drug Organization, Iran Customs Administration , etc.

Services provided by the Scientific based Energy and Power industries laboratories (EPIL)

Energy & Power Industries Laboratories Company (EPIL) has various departments under the title of
laboratory, product certification body, international laboratory management, technical inspection,
training, standard formulation and determining the nature of imported goods.

Separate services

Epil certificates

  • Type Tests:

EPIL company has succeeded in developing more than 20 specialized laboratories in the fields of Explosion-Proof (ATEX) equipment, Busbars, Medical equipment, Safety Integrity level (SIL), Solar panels, Telecommunication equipment, Industrial electrical equipment, automation equipment, Equipment used for protection, IT equipment and household appliances. And due to having ISO/IEC from an international Accreditation Body which is traceable through ILAC and national accreditation body (NACI), its test reports are approved and reliable internationally


⦁ On-Site tests:

 In addition to conducting typical tests in the laboratory, EPIL has the ability to perform various On-Sit tests, such as Tangent Delta (Tan δ), Partial Discharge, EMC, High Potential test, Safety Explosion-Proof (ATEX),, etc. in the project installation site or location such as power plants, refineries, factories, subways, etc.


The nature of conducting preventive tests during operation, periodical tests and tests after installation and before starting up, and testing equipment that cannot be transferred or transported to the laboratory a.k.a on-site tests that require special technical and quality conditions. Generally, on-site tests are performed for equipment such as power plant generators, medium and high voltage cables, transformers, protection relays, metering and measuring devices, medical equipment, etc.


⦁ Sample Tests:

Sample tests are usually performed to ensure the employer ( Consumer/interested parties) of the quality of products on random samples from the batch. These tests are usually non-destructive and the number of samples under test depends on the batch size. In addition, according to the standard requirements, for products such as insulators, lighting equipment, metering devices, etc., which are mass-produced, it is necessary to conduct sample tests, which can be performed by EPIL at the discretion of the project members.

Relying on the experience of several years of joined co-operation with the recognized Notified Bodies of the European Union (such as Italy’s IMQ) in the field of ATEX and CE Marking, EPIL’s knowledge-based company succeeded in becoming the first company to issue international product certificates. Applicant companies can receive certificates with international traceability for single products, product groups and mass production (equipment and production line simultaneously) in the following fields:

⦁ Issuance of SIL, explosion-proof and test certificates and CA (conformity of assessment) (based on IECEE and IECEx equivalent certification schemes)

⦁ Providing international ATEX and CE Marking certificates in co-operation with European Notified Bodies (based on the directives – ATEX 2014/34/EU and – EMC 2014/30/EU and – Machinery 2006/42/EC, without the need to send equipment abroad)

⦁ Issuance of conformity assessment certificate for imported equipment, assembled equipment, licensed and technology transferred equipment.

Due to the impossibility of conducting number of tests inside the country, EPIL, relying on the extensive international relations that has established with European and Asian laboratories over two decades, as well as the established offices in Austria and Turkey, is able to perform numerous tests (such as short circuit) for Iranian manufacturers in international laboratories. EPIL’s activities in the field of international laboratory management include receiving technical proposals and fees from international laboratories, depositing the costs, managing the test equipment shipping to international laboratories, monitoring the conduction of tests, and finally providing a test report or issuing a certificate of compliance.

As an inspection body approved by Tavanir, this company provides services in the following fields:

⦁ Technical inspection and evaluation of QC-Plan

⦁ Sampling

⦁ Mobile phones

Based on 22 years of knowledge and experience in the field of standardization and management, Knowledge-based company of EPIL organizes specialized training courses in the field of ATEX Explosion-proof tests , Safety, SIL, EMC, Lighting, etc.

Until now, EPIL has been involved in compiling more than 400 national and international standards in the field of telecommunications, IT, electrical equipment, Renewable energies , explosion-proof, etc.

Determining the nature is actually a scientific and laboratory process that leads to the issuance of a certificate of nature determination of goods and is required by Customs Administration to determine the impost and value. Considering the importance of determining the nature of imported goods as one of the strategic measures of the Iran’s National Standard Organization, this knowledge-based company has created facilities for determining the nature of electrical and electronic, telecommunication and medical goods.

RowThe title of the certificateExporter ReferenceCertificate number
1International ISO IEC 17065 certification



PC 028
2International ISO IEC 17025 certification



3ISO IEC 17025 national certificationNACINACI LAB 208
4Tavanir inspection permitTavanir1556/27500/93
5Inspection license from the National Standard OrganizationISIRI/NACI2/197
6Approval of the Senior Evaluation CouncilTavanir13445/22/89
7ATEX and CE laboratory approval according to European directivesIMQ ItalyIMQ Italy
DTI DenmarkDTI Denmark
8ExTL laboratory approval by IECExIn the assessment phaseIn the assessment phase
9Approval of the ExCB certification body by the IECEx body In the assessment phase
10Verification of the qualifications of the partner laboratoryISIRI739/AL
11Approval of National Gas CompanyNational Gas Company 
12Approval of the Radio Regulatory OrganizationRadio Regulatory Organization358/100
13Research permitMinistry of Industry68116
14Engineering licenseMinistry of Industry01/54000 A
15Approval of National Refining and Broadcasting CompanyNational Refining and Broadcasting Company106011
16Approval of Pars Oil and Gas CompanyPars Oil and Gas company73616
17Food and Drug Organization approvalMinistry of Health and Medical Education129363/664

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