Power System Simulator

R&D department of EPIL has newly designed and manufactured a Power System Simulator. The designed system  is capable of analyzing power system phenomena in the exact manner it happens in a real power network from production to consumption.
In fact, this system is a small scaled down model of real power network including generator, transformers, transmission lines… and simulates the characteristics of different parts in a real manner.
Furthermore, SCADA and automation system for Power System Simulator is designed and by customer demand, can be produced and sold. The SCADA software includes the experiments already given with the Power System Simulator, include:

• Generator characteristics and performance

• Transformers

• Transmission, distribution and utilization

• Power system protection Application of this product in industrial, educational and research centers are as follows:

• Analyzing the power systems phenomena (steady state, error, protection …)

• Verifying the development of power network control and protection systems

• Comparing the obtained results with the results of power system analyzing software

• Performing various experiments (creating different error conditions, veri- fying correct function of protection equipment, control …)

Using this system a variety of training schemes programmed for energy management staff, operators of power plants, substations, maintenance personnel and university researchers can be realized.

System Configuration:

Basic Model

• Power plant module

• Substation module

• Transmission Line module

• Distribution module

• Power factor control module

• Load module



Advanced Model

•Protection system module

•SCADA module