About us

EPIL is a leading testing, inspection, and certification company with over 20 unique laboratory and testing facilities. With an expertise built on almost 18 years of experience, our team of over 60 engineers and technical experts is recognized in Iran and the Middle East.

Through our modern testing facilities, we are among the leading organizations providing measurements and inspection, testing & certification and design review services to the global power industry. Technical innovation is at the heart of much of what we do. These include providing innovative, yet practical, answers to meet the electricity-related challenges of modern equipment and processes. We uniquely combine expertise in strategic and policy consultancy with comprehensive technical and technological know-how.

It is remarkable that because of the very close collaboration between EPIL and universities, the research services of this company are unique in Iran. EPIL has high technology equipment and well-trained and knowledgeable staff for performing a different type of tests including; Ex, IP, safety, Low Voltage, High Voltage, Temperature Rise, EMC, and Environmental tests. EPIL proves its competence as an independent testing service provider also by its accreditation certificate in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025.

Testing and Certification EPIL has high technology equipment and well trained and knowledgeable staff for performing different types of tests including;

• Ex Equipment;

• Luminaires;

• Energy Meters;

• Water Meters;

• PLC;

• Medical Equipment;

• Telecommunication Equipment;

• Information Technology Equipment;

• Cables / Wires;

• Fittings;

• Insulators;

• Switches / Disconnectors;

• Switchgears;

• Compact Substations;

• Current Transformers / Voltage Transformers;

• Power Transformers;

• Electric Machines;

• Busbars;

EPIL is the market leader in the testing and certification of electrical equipment in Iran. Tests are performed in accordance with international standards of IEC, ANSI, EN, DIN, ETSI, ASTM, and local standards and clients’ explicit requests. It is important to underline that product certificates and test reports from EPIL are recognized by utilities and electromechanical manufacturers and serve to verify:

• Products’ conformity to standards

• Functionality of new product design

• Compliance with safety requirements and EU Guidelines as a pre- requisite to obtain the CE mark

• Compliance with quality requirements

A positive outcome of the tests performed at EPIL premises is that they assure access to the Iran market. EPIL offers its clients experience and knowledge in keeping laboratory facilities in line with the most advanced international practices. Quality assurance services are mainly focused on assessing the quality of specific production lines, thus enabling a manufacturer to gain confidence on these issues, especially when preparing to export to other countries or approaching new or demanding customers.

EPIL can deliver a global service covering the assessment, control and surveillance of suppliers of electrical components. This starts with the assessment and review of customers’ technical specifications to evaluate their conformity to national and international standards, right up to in-field verification and overseeing of final and pre-commissioning tests. Our laboratories are accredited according to the following certificates:

• ISO IEC 17025 certificate with a wide scope in Electrical equipment in Oil, Gas, Power, and Telecommunication Industries;

• Calibration center certificate;

• Inspection body certificate;

• EMC and Safety accredited lab according to EU Directives;

• ATEX accredited lab according to EU Directives.