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EPIL Policy

EPIL is a legal entity leading testing, inspection, and certification company with over 20 unique laboratory and testing facilities, with expertise built on almost 20 years of experience; its team consists of over 60 engineers and technical experts recognized in Iran and the Middle East. EPIL is among the leading organizations providing inspection, testing & certification, and design review services to the global power industry through modern testing facilities.

The finances for EPIL CB are secured by different sources containing bank deposit interest, income generated by testing, inspection and certification services and other stakeholders and are adequate in the medium to long term.

EPIL supports the certification scheme by the appropriate procedures and other associated documentation.

To provide courteous, friendly, impartial, and ethical accredited registration, EPIL helps client organizations meet international benchmarks with integrity while enhancing their administrative and operating practices.

EPIL objectives are to maintain business activities to protect consumers. EPIL will achieve this through the dedication of the staff employed in providing clients with services of purpose.

EPIL and its staff operate non-discriminatory. Procedures of EPIL do not impede or inhibit access by applicants other than as provided for in the ISO/IEC 17065 and ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015.

EPIL’s services are accessible to all applicants whose activities fall within the scope of its operations.

Access to the certification process will not be conditional upon the size of the client or membership of any association or group, nor will the certification be conditional upon the number of certifications already issued. There will not be undue financial or other conditions.

EPIL declines to accept an application or maintain a contract for certification from a client when fundamental or demonstrated reasons exist, such as the client participating in illegal activities, having a history of repeated non-compliance with certification or product requirements, or similar client-related issues.

EPIL confines its requirements, evaluation, review, decision, and surveillance to those matters, especially related to certification scope.

EPIL policies and procedures are non-discriminatory and administered in a non-discriminatory manner. Procedures must not use to impede or inhibit access by applicant organizations.

EPIL comprises professional auditors and technical experts by invitation for inclusion and advancing to qualification and certification based on their competence. There is a stage of qualification of competence preamble to certification.

Certification-registration services are accessible to any applicant organization that meets the manual criterion (and within regions chosen to operate). Therefore, access is not conditional upon the prospect-organization or membership size in any association or group. EPIL does investigate organizations before the continuation of an application.

EPIL may not accept organizations’ applications under which their request is out of EPIL’s scope, sector-specific code (of service), or the investigation results do not concur with EPIL’s values, mission, vision, or national/international consumer-centric accreditation rules.

Further, EPIL carries the right not to provide a quotation or withdraw an already extended quotation if the organization pursuing certification-registration is negligent in a court of law or an alleged issue significantly detrimental to safety, health, and environment affecting consumers in a court of law.

There are no specific conditions relating to membership or special interest groups needed for EPIL to provide assessment services, leading to a registration certificate.

EPIL carries international accreditation to protect client organizations and the EPIL mark through a consumer-centric, legally binding charter. Besides, EPIL may carry national accreditation bodies to supplementing international accreditation.

EPIL carries the right not to provide a quotation or withdraw extended quotation if the organization pursuing certification-registration through means against those that manual expresses or are not supportive of consumer-centric believes

EPIL does not judge or serve as an impediment to service an organization based on religion, race, and equally applies to individuals in joining the Professional Assessors and Technical Experts either as certified or qualified; however, there must be a need for an assessment – auditors

To achieve the policy and objectives, EPIL team personnel supports, operates, and promotes the quality system with updates and suggests improvement. These may enhance EPIL’s present service to maximize proper client-organization relations. 

In teamwork with EPIL exclusive assessment – auditors EPIL ascertains consumer protection through client-organization needs and care.

To achieve the above, the EPIL Company has based its quality management system on the requirements of the international standards ISO / IEC 17065:2012, ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015, and the top manager is committed to providing the necessary resources and infrastructures to achieve the objectives and meet the requirements. These standards’ requirements provide customers, legal authorities, organizations that recognize the laboratory and the continuous improvement of the EPIL’s management system’s effectiveness. Also, the top management of the organization and, by its nature, all the EPIL employees, from this date, are committed to implementing the proposed issues and will use all their facilities and capabilities to achieve it.

Seyed Mohsen Mirsadri

Top Manager

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scheme 1: EPIL’s Conformity Assessment scheme for Electrical components and contains

scheme 2: EPIL’s Conformity Assessment scheme for Unit Verification

 scheme 3: EPIL’s Conformity Assessment scheme for functional safety